The most popular dessert in Hungary is the strudel that should be made most of the time sweet and flaky. Generally Retes, how the strudel is named in Hungarian, is made with powdered sugar, phyllo sheets, different fillings such as cherry, apple or poppy seed and all mixture with butter. Besides the well-known Hungarian strudel, also very famous between the Hungarian desserts are the noodles. This is made as a non-sweet dessert. Noodles can be cooked with cottage cheese. This dish is called in Hungary Turo Csusza. Besides the cottage cheese one can always add to this dish different flavors for instance a bacon flavor which makes is salty. As we can see is very important knowing how to mix flavors in order to get an exquisite taste. Sometimes the sweetness of a strudel dessert totally compensates the spicy, salty taste of the dishes served for the main course.

Also very important are langos, palacsinta, and fank (large flat crispy deepfried dough - often called beaver tails in Canada - with sweet toppings, crepes, and doughnuts respectively). Also szilvagomboc (sweet plum filled potato dumplings) are popular.

At christmas time, szaloncukor, a small jelly or marzipan filled chocolate candy, is popular and traditionally used to decorate the christmas tree.

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