Meat is often used in various Hungarian dishes either we talk about stews, roasts, grills or soups. Gulash or Porkolot in Hungarian it’s a specific dish made with meat and should not be mistaken with gulyas leves which is a hearty soup made with large pieces of meat and vegetables. This dish is cooked in large boilers named bograc, over a heat source and it’s made with meat and potatoes. Historians say that the first time this type of dish was ever cooked was somewhere around the year 800 A.D. Meat stews are mostly consumed for lunch and dinner. The most famous meat stew is the paprikash a dish made with a lot of onions and paprika and sour cream. Another Hungarian type of stew, which is called tokanay, is cooked using mushrooms and pepper and also finished with sour cream. Another dish that might sometimes contain meat is the bean soup or bableves how it is called in Hungarian. There are some other dishes made with meat that should be mentioned here such as the Hungarian smoked ham, made with ham, brown sugar and vinegar or the Hungarian meatballs made with ground beef, eggs, milk, dry bread crumbs an of course paprika and garlic. A dish with a more complex way of cooking is the Hungarian pot roast with noodles.

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