Hungarian people are a well-known great salad consumer. Their appetite for salads made them be a course in almost every lunch. The great varieties of salads that can be found in the Hungarian cuisine have an endless variety of ways to be prepared. Cucumber salad (uborkasalata) and tomato salad (paradicsosalata) are some of the most frequent consumed salads in Hungary and are very appreciated for their cooling, assist and refreshing qualities. Olive oil is mostly used as a dressing for the salads, and it is well appreciated for his nutritive qualities as well as for his small amount of cholesterol. Generally Hungarian green salads are served crisp and cold.

Salads can be adjusted depending on the season they get to be consumed. Sour Cream Cole Slaw (tejfeles kaposztasalat) for instance has two ways of being prepared. For the summer usually we use cabbage, onion, chopped green pepper, paprika and a little bit of vinegar. It is important not to use oil in order to obtain a light, creamy and refreshing slaw. In the wintertime we use only vinegar slaw, salt and pepper and oil for a good tasty salad. Some other salads that have different ways of preparation from season to season are: Dill Potato Salad ( kapros krumplisalat), Hot Bacon Potato Salad (sultszalpnnas krumplisalata) or Sour Cream Potato Salad (tejfeles krumplisalat).

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