Most of the Hungarian snacks can be easily bought from any commercial center so there is no need to become stressed out trying to get them homemade. It’s difficult to identify traditional snack food in a country with such a big culinary culture, which is mostly based on dishes with complex methods of preparation. Generally Hungarians are known worldwide as being a people craving after sweet snacks, either they are croissants with butter and jam, or a flaky strudel filled with poppy seed or fruits. Salty snacks are not being left aside either. Generally consumed between lunch and dinner, these kinds of snacks can be easily home made or purchased from any kind of store. Crackers, wafers, cheese crackers, peanuts or roasted chestnuts are just few of the many alternatives that Hungarians have when talking about salty snacks. Home made dishes like cream cheese spread, stuffed eggs or ham spinach and peppers wraps are equally considered as being appetizers as well as snack food.

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