Soups are famous in the Hungarian cuisine and get to be served as a starter in an everyday lunch. Once you get the chance in having genuine Hungarian soup you must know how to order it and what to choose from the various types you will find on the menu. Hungarian soup comes in large portions at an affordable low price and have a delicious taste that make you consider it being better than any other soup in the world. Cooking real Hungarian soup means using a lot of nuts and seeds rather than dried beans for seasoning. One can’t pass trough Hungary and not taste the famous goulash soup or “Gulyasleves” in Hungarian. This dish is made with beef meat and potatoes and well garnished with csipetke. Lecso, a condiment made from combining bell pepper, garlic, onion and tomatoes simmered for a while until their flavors meld is often used as a seasoning agent for soups. Also famous in the Hungarian cuisine is the fish soup whose ways of being prepared differs from one region to another. Mainly the basic way of having a fish soup done implies cooking a stock made from few small fish of different flavor, which has to be strained after. In this stock is where the fish meat is cooked.

(Im not sure who got the bottom half of this info or from where, but, 1 lecso is not a condiment it is a dish, a vegetable stew of mainly peppers and tomatoes usually served with rice and 2 the fish soup is prepared, usually, by cooking the entire gutted body of the fish including the head to make the stock and then it is strained, vegetables are cooked in it, and the deboned fish meat is added back in).

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