Although the main ingredient of the Hungarian cuisine is lard, fortunately, paprika, onions and other vegetables are also important ingredients and famous for the flavors they can add to a dish. Some of the most used staple veggies in Hungary are potatoes, cabbage, green pepper and tomatoes. These are usually used as bases to cook dishes like soups, stuffed veggies, pickled veggies or the famous Hungarian popular stews. Rarely served raw, these veggies are mainly being baked, stewed, braised or boiled. Lecso is a unique traditional Hungarian condiment made by a very fortunate combination of bell pepper, onion, tomatoes and garlic, which are simmered together, until their flavors meld. This condiment is often being served as an appetizer or side dish or is just used for flavoring stews and soups. Probably the most famous Hungarian vegetable is paprika. The Turks during their 150 years occupation introduced this spicy condiment in Hungary. Paprika has different flavors and colors and can be found in several regions of Hungary.

(Again, not sure about sources for some of what's above, but paprika existed pre-Turkish occupation, and lecso is a dish not a condiment...)

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