Appetizers represent an important thing in the whole Indonesian diet. Among the most representative appetizers, you can find the Corn Fritters (Perkedel Jagung), the crispy sweet rolls (Kue Semprong) and the deep fried beef and vegetables wraps (Martabak). These will usually be served in a restaurant and can be displayed on a very fancy décor. Peanut Chips are a great appetizer and very much appreciated before dinner, as well as potato croquettes, Kroket Kentang. You can also have regular salads, and these appetizers can easily be prepared at home, together with the Acar, a family table pickle served before dinner. Steamed dumplings called Siomay are also a great choice as appetizers. Other dishes in the appetizers category include fried soybeans which can be made as cakes, and are called Tempe Goreng, or can be made in the form of a curd, and are called Tahu Goreng. Spicy Lobster (Udang Karang Bumbu Cabai) is one of the fanciest appetizers, and can only be served in classy restaurants. But the taste is unique, and worth trying at least once.

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