Probably the most common drinks in the Indonesian cuisine are the fruit cocktails, blends and shakes, most of them being sweetened with brown sugar. A great shake filled with energy can be easily made from 1 ripe avocado, a cup of strong cooled coffee and a cup of milk. The resulted drink has a special flavor that makes it so specific to the Indonesian regions and is preferred as an alternative to the classic coffee.

There are also local alcoholic drinks produced in specific Indonesian regions, such as the brem, which is a rice wine, or the tuak, which is a specific North Sumatra drink.

Most Indonesian meals are served, no matter the region, accompanied by a cup of herbal tea, helping the digestion process. Coffee and tea plantations are popular in Indonesian regions, cultivated on several islands, and served everywhere in the country. Therapeutic tea leaves are also cultivated in these regions, and exported to other countries.

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