Fried rice (nasi goreng), sate (skewered grilled meat), bakmi goreng (fried noodles), and satay (or sateh in bahasa Indonesia) are some of the most important Indonesian dishes. The Indonesian cuisine relies a lot on condiments and specific ingredients that are used almost exclusively in these regions. Garlic, lemon grass, peanuts, coconut and coriander are the most well known ones, but bay leaf, tamarind, galangal, turmeric, cardamom, scallion, shallots and prawns are also basic ingredients in cooking in the Indonesian cuisine. Cassia is one local grown condiment, which tastes almost the same as the cinnamon, and is used in many recipes.

Seafood plays an important role in the Indonesian cuisine, creativity of dishes ranging from fried calamari, to steamed Fish Roe, or Steamed Fish Wrap in Kemiri Nut Sauce (Pepes Ikan Bumbu Kemiri). Banana leaves are also important and greatly used for rapping chicken or other meats and baking it inside to give a special flavor. Vegetarian dishes are also very common, since rice is the basic element and the most served side dish with all meals.

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