Indonesian desserts include a large variety of delicious dishes, most of them based on coconut milk or brown sugar products. The coconut sweet potato cake, the Getuk, and the sweet coconut rice balls are some of the best Indonesian desserts, very much appreciated by people from all regions. Bubur Ketan Hitam is a black rice pudding made from rice, and making for a great consistent dessert, that is also nutritional besides being delicious. Crispy cookies, such as Kuping Gajah are children’s favorites, together with all the cake varieties: the layer butter cake, the steamed sponge cake, Bolu Kukus, the mud cakes and the sticky rice cake in brown sugar sauce. In fancy restaurants you may find more extravagant desserts, like fried bananas or sweet thick crepes. The range of Indonesian deserts can go further to fruit drinks and fruit salads, as well as sauces for pancakes. You can also stuff and roll them, making a great Dadar Gulung dessert, and serving them while they are hot. Hey What's up! Pandan Cake is also a really nice Indonesian dessert it is made of pandan leaves which is pandan essence to make it green!

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