Meat dishes such as sate (skewered meat brushed with spicy peanut sauce), vegetable dishes such as gado-gado (bean sprouts in peanut sauce), and seafood are common Indonesian dishes. Meat dishes in the Indonesian cuisine doesn’t play a significant role, at least not in the sense of using fat meats, such as pork. However, fish, exotic seafood, chicken and lamb are used for a large variety of dishes. Seafood is commonly used for recipies, such as roasted squid (Cumi Bakar), Shrimp and Beansprouts Fritters (Bakwan), shrimp in spicy Nut Sauce, or stuffed Milkfish. Chicken is prepared using a lot of sweet ingredients, such as coconut milk, nut or sweet soy sauce. Curries are also a great Indonesian delicates that use chicken, and spicy condiments are used in the preparation process. Chicken can also be prepared rapped in banana leaves, sautéed or fried. Chicken Satay is one of the best Indonesian chicken recipes, served in restaurants across the world. Lamb is used for the famous lamb curry, the Gulai Kambing, and for the Balinese Lamb, recipe in which lamb can be replaced by chicken. Beef is usually used for dry cuts or fried dishes, such as Empal, Bobat Goreng and Be Sampi Mesitsit. It is also used in curry dishes, soups or sautés and stews.

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