Snacks in the Indonesian cuisine usually represent small portions of appetizers or even entire meals. Because the meals are made of a lot of courses served all at once, some of them may be considered snacks and served in-between meals or in a hurry. Fried bananas are delicious snacks and can be served with peanuts or nutmeg. Peanut Chips (Rempeyek Kacang) are also perfect for a snack and are easily carried or transported s you can have them in almost all places. Lemper is another Indonesian snack served as a very consistent one as well as delicious, made of sticky rice and brown sugar. Exotic rare condiments are used in the preparation process of the Indonesian snacks, combined in a unique and very interesting way. Spices were first introduced to the world by India, a country Indonesia has been influenced by, and they most certainly represent the key element of any Indonesian snack.

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