Delicious Indonesian dishes will of course include variety of soups, ranging from regular European ones, to sweet coconut flavored ones. The Laska is a specific Indonesian dish, consisting of coconut milk in chicken broth with vegetables, and is part of most people’s diet. Rawon, a diced beef soup is prepared in specific black sauce, and has a specific Indonesian taste. There are large varieties of Sayur, meaning soups, which can go from zucchini squash soups, to mixed vegetables soup or even stews. Beef, lamb and even oxtail are also used in preparing soups and stews. Sop Buntut, oxtail soup, is a great appreciated one, and can be seasoned to your tastes making it spicier or milder depending on your preferences. . Hot chilies are served with soups, and sometimes are even added to the whole pot of soup. Hot condiments are very much spread in all Indonesian dishes, spicy soups making no exception.

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