If you plan on serving a vegetarian meal, the Indonesian cuisine has a large variety of dishes to offer, dishes that don’t contain meat at all. Rice, being the main ingredient and prepared as side dishes for many other meals, can be easily served with steamed vegetables and tomato or curry sauces. One of the most delicious vegetarian dishes is the Lontong Cap Gomeh which consists of vegetables and rice rolls. Coconut milk can be used in the preparation of steamed vegetables, or grated on sautéed ones. Green beans, various vegetables and peanut sauce can all be mixed in a delicious vegetable dish. There are also vegetable soups, like the Sayur Ladeh or the Zucchini Squash Soup (Sayur Gurih), vegetable stews and of course salads. Scrambled corn, eggplant and mushrooms can all be cooked fried, baked or steamed, and served as part of a vegetarian diet. Either way, the Indonesian cuisine has vegetarian dishes for all tastes.

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