Italian desserts revolve around ice-cream. Gelato and pudding usually go very well together and are served in fancy restaurants with whip cream, chocolate and caramel sauces. The varieties of ice-creams include regular flavors like strawberry, banana, cherry, apricots, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, but also more interesting ones like straciatella, cactus, amaretto, and rum. Ice-cream is available in scoops, shakes, square frozen pieces, and big cans and pots. They are topped with whip cream, crushed almonds, nuts, coco flakes and different syroups. Sometimes, fried ice-cream is served in flat thin hot pancakes with chocolate syrup and whip cream. Biscotti and cookies are very much appreciated as desserts, and some of them are served with coffee and cappuccinos, as complimentary ornaments in fancy restaurants. All over the country there are Gelato places, where cakes, preserves, frittate, cenci, pancakes, profiteroles with chocolate waffle sticks and picots, and other spoon dessert delights are available. Fruit shakes and non-alcoholic cocktails go well as dessert and are usually served with straws or spoons.

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