Italians are by nature gourmands, and they typically enjoy eating on any occasion they get, so snacks are an important element in their every-day diet. Eating in-between meals is a regular thing, and they have many available choices. From baked cheese crackers and mozzarella sticks, to cold cuts like prosciutto, salame, sausages, pancetta and mortadella pieces with pickles, you definitely have lots of choices. More sophisticated snacks include chicken liver crostini, cipolle con le sarde (onions with sardines), and polpi all’Aceto (pickled octopus). Eggplant can also be served pickled with bread sticks, and tomatoes. Many Italian dishes are served with herb-seed bread, and sometimes this type of bread can be eaten as a snack. It usually contains basil, dill, oregano and sesame seeds and can be used for delicious snack sandwiches. Bell peppers are great for preparing Italian snacks, and can be served with tuna or can be stuffed with eggplant and bread crumbs.

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