Soups in the Italian cuisine can be light, clear soups or thicker ones, even stews, being more consistent and served with cream and herb bread. Among the clear soup, there are also some delicious fish soups that include cacciucco (fish stew) and ciuppin as the most representative ones. Vegetable soups are usually served during spring and summer, and sometimes are served cold as a refreshment dish. Hearty soups include creamy minestrones, bean and sauerkraut soup, garlic bread soup, chickpeas and string-beans soups, Supa de Scigol, a specific Milanese onion soup, and zuppa di primavera, an Italian specialty made with vegetables, potatoes and bits of pasta. Meat is also used for Italian soups. Beef, chicken and pork are used for thick hearty soups served with cream, while fish is used for lighter spicier soups served with pasta bits and onion rings. Most soups are accompanied by bread sticks or fresh herbal bread, and are seasoned with a lot of green condiments, fresh or dried parsley, cilantro, dill, basil and oregano.

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