As part of the Italian cuisine, you can serve many vegetarian dishes. Even pizza, the national Italian dish offers vegetarian varieties, like the primavera or fungi pizza. Pastas can also be prepared with mushrooms, spinach, eggplants, tomatoes, olive oil, condiments and herbs, making for a delicious meal. There is a large variety of thick vegetable soups that can consist as the basis of a solid meal. You can have vegetable stews, vegetable salads and baked potatoes. Soups made of vegetables, usually artichoke and mushrooms, and stews that leave meat of the cooking process, are still very delicious and of course nutritional. Steamed vegetables can also be offered to a vegetarian meal as the main course, or as a garnish for baked potatoes. Eggplant and portabella mushrooms are delicious to serve as part of a vegetarian meal. Meat can be replaced by tofu, soy beans and soy milk becoming more and more poplar in all European cuisines, and used as a substitute for animal products.

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