“Halibut” is a fish dish made of crushed red pepper, salt, onions, black pepper, fish, pumpkin, coconut, peanut oil, tomatoes paste, rice and water. First the onions are sauté with the crashed pepper, salt, black pepper and peanut oil over the peeled and sliced pumpkin filleted halibut. The coconut is peeled and cut into small strips over the fish and after, poured with white rice. Fill a pot with water, coconut water and tomato paste, then allow the fish and vegetables to cook in it for a couple of minutes. It’s served hot directly from the bowl. The Ivorian Coast Beef and Rice meat dish is made of steak, oil, water, bay leaf, salt, red pepper, kidney beans, rice, green pepper, onion and curry powder. The beef is fried in a pan with oil until is brown. In a bowl with water add the bay leaf, salt and pepper and simmered for about ten minutes. In the end, all the ingredients are mixed together in a bowl with water and baked in the oven for about fifty minutes. The African chicken is made of peanut oil, chicken, minced garlic, chili, shallots, paprika, tomato paste, fresh coconut, peanut butter, salt and water. The chicken is marinated and served with a sauce.

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