The Ivorian Crab appetizer is made of cheese, butter, crabmeat, mushrooms and English muffins. First, the cheese and butter are melted in a pan, then the crab meat and the mushrooms are added to form a mixture. Later put the muffins and broil them until they are slightly brown. The Ivory Chicken is made of chicken, lemon, bacon, butter, carrots, onion, celery, parsley sprigs, homemade chicken stock, white wine, mushrooms, cloves, salt, flour and heavy cream. First the chicken is rubbed with some lemon. Put some butter and diced bacon in a large casserole with cover. Next, add the carrots, the onion, the celery, parsley and the chicken giblets. Cook the mixture to a light heat until the meat is tender. Plain or sugared peanuts are often eaten as snack before dinner or other important meal in Ivory Coast. Exotic fruits such as mangos, mandarins, passion fruits or coconuts are also served as snacks, salted, sugared or backed in the oven. Fresh puddings are made of coconut milk combined with fruits, sugar and milk. The Ivorian Coconut Shrimp is made of beer, rising flour, sweetened flaked coconut, sugar, salt substitute, jumbo shrimp, vegetable oil, paprika, orange marmalade, stone ground mustard, prepared horseradish and salt. It is served with a dipping sauce.

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