Jamaica has plenty of fruits and it uses them even in appetizer recipe. Papaya is used in Papaya Ice Cream Patch, while bananas represent the main ingredient of Banana Fritters, and Banana Porridge. The appetizers have a very important role in the Jamaican cuisine, as they have a great role all over the world. The only difference is that here the spices are used in low quantities and sweet appetizers seem to predominate. These too increase the appetite. Another popular Jamaican appetizer is Pick Up Salt Fish which is made from salt fish, onions, tomatoes and ketchup. Johnny Cakes represents the name under which the fried dumplings are known here. Other starters that have made Jamaica famous are: Roti, Commeal, Festival, Fried Ripe Plantains, Fried Breadfruit and Roast Breafruit. Each of these dishes represents the ideal way to start a Jamaican meal.

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