The Jamaican meat dishes are in majority based on fish. Pork and beef do not miss, however. Also, poultry is used in some of the traditional dishes of Jamaica. This cuisine distinguishes through the reduced use of the red meats, fact which results in a much healthier foods. Jamaicans prepare ham and jerk from pork. The main recipes based on this type of meat are: Holiday Ham, Jamaican Chinese Pork Fried Rice, Jerk Pork. The chicken based dishes are in higher numbers and feature other ingredients, such as vegetables and even fruits - coconut. Some examples are: Quick Vegetable Curry, Renta Pineapple Orange Drink, Yellow Yam Rissoles, Southern Fried Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Fricassee Chicken, Jamaican Chicken Chinese Fried Rice, Jerk Chicken, Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken, Tropical Coconut Chicken, and not at last Curry Flavored Baked Chicken. Meatballs are Jamaican meat dishes that are based on either beef or pork. Fish, which can be found in a great diversity is usually fried or roasted.

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