The cuisines of Jordan come in a huge variety. Some of the cuisines in the cuisine of Jordan are Arabic and most of them are European. Dishes include meze (small starters such as fool, humus, kube and tabouleh). There are also a variety of kebabs in the cuisine of Jordan. Some of the sweets that can be also found in the Arabian cuisine such as the Baklava’s are also very popular in the cuisine of Jordan. Much of Jordan’s cuisines are also a reflection of the cuisine that is prevalent in the Middle East. The recipes to the meals of the cuisines of Jordan can vary from being extremely hot and spicy to being mild. The overall cuisine of Jordan is simple and easy to prepare. There are some great tasting dishes that have a distinctive flavor to them. In the cuisine of Jordan, just like the Arabian cuisine, drinking coffee is more or less like a ritual. You are apt to find some of the most scrumptious and mouth watering recipes in the cuisine of Jordan. Preparing, serving and eating Jordanian cuisines is truly a wonderful delight.

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