You will find many vegetarian dishes in the Jordanian cuisine. The region of Jordan is quite diverse culturally; therefore the cuisine is also very diverse. There are many vegetarian dishes in the Jordanian cuisine. Most of them have potatoes as the primary ingredient in the dish. Most of the vegetarian dishes are also boiled rather than cooked. It is quite easy to prepare a vegetarian dish out of the Jordanian cuisine, and most of them are very delicious if you have the knack for true authentic vegetarian cuisine. The nutritious value of the vegetarian dishes in the Jordanian cuisine supersedes many vegetarian cuisines world over. The spices and herbs that are used in the vegetarian category of the Jordanian cuisine vary from each vegetarian dish in the region. Nevertheless, preparing vegetarian dishes from the cuisine of Jordan is quite simple and do not need a lot of your time to be spent on them. Moreover, if you have the right kind of utensils and ingredients and are a creative cook then cooking your Jordanian vegetarian dish is truly a delight.

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