In Kashmiri cuisine, there are several kinds of meals available. Kashmiri cuisine is another cuisine that is said to be a complete one. This is perhaps because of its roots and its geographical location that gives it the best from India and Pakistan. Therefore, Kashmir has the best of vegetarian dishes from both sides. On addition the use of mutton, chicken and fish, which are of prime importance to Kashmiri cuisine, there are also dishes that combine these meats with vegetables. Common combinations include: Mutton and turnips, fish and lotus root, and chicken and spinach. However, these are not pure vegetarian dishes.

Vegetarian dishes of Kashmir include dum-aloo, which are roasted potatoes dipped in a curd-based gravy. Also, chaman is fried paneer (cottage cheese) also dipped in a thick sauce.

Though non-vegetarian dishes are considered to be a sign of top hospitality in Kashmir, vegetarian dishes are not considered to be of less importance. You will find at least two vegetarian dishes at a function in Kashmir. You would some of these dishes at a function or festive occasion, as these as vegetarian dishes of Kashmiri pundits:

o Chamani Qaliya o Veth Chaman o Dama Oluv o Nadeir Yakhean o Hak (with Nadeir Ya Vangan) o Nadier Palak o Choek Vangan o Muji Chetein o Razmah Goagji

One must not forget that Kashmiri cuisine remains incomplete without having something at the end of it. Whether you serve meat dishes or vegetarian dishes at a function, you would normally have something to wind up the food course. Since using. Since sweets do not play an important part in Kashmiri desserts, kahva does, and is used at the end of a Kashmiri meal to wash it down. Kahva is very commonly used in this way in Kashmiri cuisine.

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