Appetizers in the Kazakhstan cuisine are a very common traditional, even though the main course is very consistent. From thinly sliced horse meat sausage, to sheep intestines and cheeses, the Kazakhstan appetizers are consistent as well. But brandy usually accompanies a meal, making it easier for the digestion process.

Dried or smoked shuzhuk, boiled in a slow fire for a couple of hours can consist of another great appetizer. Zhaya, made of salted dried, or smoked horse’s hip, can be served with cut thin slices of onions, almost in the same way as Zhal, another great appetizer can be served. The only difference, is that the Zhal is made of fat coming from the under crest part of the horse's neck.

Other great Kazakhstan appetizers include Karta, sur-yet, which are also variation of dried meats, fish assortly “issyk”, “Shalgam” salad, made of radishes, jellied pike-perch and jellied fish. You can also have a salad if you prefer an appetizer not so consistent, but either way, you can be sure the variety offered will satisfy all needs and tastes.

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