In the Kazakhstan cuisine, desserts are an essential part of the everyday diet. Mainly baked at home as a tradition, cakes and deep fried doughnuts with different toppings are the most representative desserts available. Domalak Baursak, Yespe Baursak, Shelpek are sweet baked desert that is made of flour, eggs, butter, sugar and cream, yeast, and maybe water in some recipes. The resulted dough is then cut in pieces and fried in hot oil till they have a golden color. Filings can also be available, even though toppings are seen more frequent, after the frying process. There are all kinds of baked cakes, and the most famous ones, are the so-called damdy-nan, flat cakes. The Kazakhstan cuisine has a series of pancakes as well, called Kuimak. They are usually a bit thicker, and have a wide range of toppings and flavours.

Other desserts include nuts with caramelized sugar, sweet bread and home fired pastry.

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