If you’re looking for meat dishes, the Kazakhstan cuisine most certainly has a large variety of those meals, most of them based on horse meat.

Meat in the Kazakh manner is prepared either as a thick stew with a lot of vegetables, either as a thick flesh of horse meat rapped in a dough made of flour and eggs, and then fried in hot oil. The Kespe a la Kazakh is a recipe of beef or mutton brisket fied inside dough prepared of four and eggs, and served with noodles. Kespe with meat consists of a broth made of mutton, carrots, onions and melted fat, and served with the noodles.

Tostik (brisket), basturma, Fried or stuffed Sazan (carp), Siberian meat dumplings or lamb’s saddle are just a few of the many meat dishes in the Kazakhstan cuisine. Mutton is often cooked as a stew and served either with Kespe, either simple, as it is. There are also other animals than can be cooked as part of a meat-based meal, such as chicken or rabbit. But horse meat is mainly the most used meat in all of the recipes that need meat. This makes the recipes be more original and specific to the Kazakhstan cuisine.

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