If you would like to prepare a special Kazakhstan cuisine, following exact rules can also be alternated with your imagination, improvising a bit on a recipe, to make it more suitable to your tastes. The pumpkin Samsa, a traditional dish, can be made easily and in less than half an hour. Cut the pumping and the and the fat of a sheep’s tail into cubes, add chopped onion, salt and pepper, and mix them into a dish that can be placed into the oven. After half an hour, the delicious dish is ready. If you want to prepare fish, the Fish a la Irtysh is a special dish that you can easily prepare. You first fry the fish fillet on both sides, then cool and slice it. Add chopped cucumbers and baked potatoes and mix everything with mayonnaise. You can decorate everything with tomatoes and eggs. Another great dish that doesn’t have meat is the Zhuta, made of strips of pumpkins and carrots that will be rolled in dough made of flour and eggs, and steamed for half an hour. You can also try to improvise a lot of other dishes based on horse meat.

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