Kazakhstan snacks are a common thing, and people serve then regularly in-between meals, or even with the first course, if soup is the course in question. The taba-nan is a great snack, and has the consistency of a wheat bread. If baked at home, you can add difrent flavors to this snack, making it more delicious. It is usually served with soup or before dinner. Baursaks are another great snack, usually a sweet one, but can also be topped with cheese or vegetables. Kuimak Ia is great as a snack as well. It is basically a thick pancake with different fillings, which you can prepare at home, usually from marmalade. They are great for Tandyr-nan, a flat cake that is baked in the oven. Samsa can be served as a snack as well, or if you prefer a sweet snack, you can have the nuts with caramelized sugar, usually preferred by children.

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