As the first course in a three dish meal, the Kazakhstan soups are very diversified and made from a large variety of vegetables and meats. In the Kazakhstan cuisine, Sorpa, the actual name of the soup is traditionally referred to the mutton soup. There is also a balyk sorpa, a fish broth, made of fresh water fish, carrots, potatoes, laurel leafs and seasoned with condiments. Sorpa with rice is an alternative to the regular sorpa, where rice and table spoons of katyk are added to the soup. There is also a sorpa with fat of tail, usually sheep, and has corn meal added to it to make it more consistent. If you server such a soup, you may want to have a lighter second course. In the Kazakhstan cuisine there are a lot of stews that can be served as soups. Kuyrdak is such an example, because it is served in a soup plate and strewed with greens. All soups are eaten with fresh bread or with the wheat bread, the taba-nan.

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