There is a range of thick vegetable soups that can consist as the basis of a solid meal. Without any meat, a vegetable soup, or a plain salad with fresh tomatoes and cucumbers are very delicious. Steamed vegetables can also be offered to a vegetarian meal as the main course, or as a garnish for baked potatoes. The pumpkin Samsa, a traditional dish, can be made easily and in less than half an hour, and is of course a vegetarian dish if you leave the fat tail out. It contains cut pumping, chopped onion, salt and pepper, and makes for a great vegetarian salad. Soups made of vegetables and stews that leave meat of the cooking process, are still very delicious and of course nutritional. Usually, a soup is served with taba-nan, a very tasty wheat bread that can also serve as a vegetarian snack.

So although meat plays an important role in most Kazakhstan cuisine, it is still possible to find excellent Kazakhstan vegetarian dishes.

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