A common Kenyan street food is somosas, which consists of tasty bubbly pastries filled with a savory filling. In order to prepare it, you need minced beef, haldi powder, chili powder, salt, green chilies peppers, onions, cilantro or coriander leaves, egg-roll dough, oil, and flour. The meal is placed in a pot on medium-low heat, and then water is added; when water dries, you add green chili, onion and leaves, and dry water on high heat and then remove. After this you cut sheets of thawed egg-roll dough into strips about 3 by 6 inches, fold one point up to form a triangular pocket, folk over again, and then fill the pocket with meat mixture. Then you bring down the top and seal all open sides with a paste containing water and flour. At the end, you should have a neat, secure triangle of meat-stuffed pastry. If you want to cook kale, corn and tomato stew you need the following ingredients: garlic, onions, corn,, kale, tomatoes, and you can also add hot pepper sauce and salt.

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