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[[Category:Kenyan Recipes]]
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There are also many traditional Kenyan snacks as it follows: ‘kuku paaka’, meaning coconut chicken with boiled eggs and potatoes, which consists of chicken, green chillies, ginger paste, garlic paste, onions, pint water, coconut cream, tomatoes, lemon juice, turmenic, coriander leaves, salt, eggs, and potatoes; ‘vitumbua’, which means rice flour and coconut cream pastry burns usually served with hot tea, and contains coconut cream, pudding rice, eggs, yeast, sugar, cardamom seeds, water, cooking oil, and milk; mama Mariam’s marvellous mariakani samosas, an extremely delicious snack filled with local delicacies.

If you need more information about the way in which some of these snacks are prepared, you should try the following methods : when preparing ‘kuku paaka’, you boil the chicken with salt, ginger, garlic, ground green chillies, tomatoes, and onions. You separately add the coconut cream, pint water, green chillies, tomatoes, turmenic, and salt until they boil and stirring constantly. You cook on high heat for fifteen to twenty minutes and then reduce heat. Once the chicken is cooked, add coconut cream over it and grill on both sides for a few minutes. You can add lemon juice, boiled potatoes and eggs, or chopped coriander leaves.

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