Taking into account that Kenyan people would love to eat meat on a regular basis but often can't afford to, it is obvious that almost the entire cuisine is based on vegetarian dishes. One of them can be prepared using flour, melted butter, ground coriander, potatoes, green peas, vegetable oil, salt, warm water, onion, cumin seeds, fresh ginger, green chilies, fresh coriander leaves, garam masala, dry mango powder or lemon juice. Another vegetarian recipe is called mandazi or mamri, delicious deep fried cardomom and coconut flavoured pastry puffs, which consists of flour, sugar, coconut cream, ground cardamom, butter, dried yeast, and oil for frying. Its preparation time is about fifteen minutes, and the cooking time reaches almost an hour. In order to prepare such a dish you have to dissolve the coconut cream in a small amount of boiling water, bind together all the ingredients with coconut cream paste into a stiff dough. After this, you leave it to rise in a warm place for almost four hours. Then you knead the dough and roll out third of an inch thick, cut into shapes and deep fry in hot oil. Dunk each mandazi in hot oil and once it puffs up, turn over.

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