In Konkani cuisine, there are several dishes that you can use as snacks aside from those that are typical snacks. Some are available right through the year, and make great eating whenever you need a little something to fill you up in between meals. In addition to using such snacks to fill your tummy in between meals, you might want to even have these snacks at meal times too. It really depends on you what you want to eat as a snack in Konkani cuisine. Indeed, all snacks in Konkani cuisine are worth trying out, as they will leave a special taste in your mouth.

Konkani snacks such as ‘Batata Ambado and Charmura Upkari’ are very common. In addition to these two dishes, there are others such as Konkani Mussels and Crab Papad Rolls. As one can see, it is obvious that crispy snacks made from lentils and pulses are quite common in Konkani cuisine. In addition to this, there are snacks that are mostly fish based. This is because much of Konkani cuisine consists of fish.

Indeed, much of Konkani cuisine consists of fish and other meats too. Therefore, there are a number of snacks and small dishes that are made from fish and other meats too. In addition to this, there are other ingredients that are very common in Konkani snacks. Tow of these would be coconut and chili powder, as most dishes in Konkani cuisine are spicy and have their characteristic taste of coconut. Indeed, coconut is nutritious too, and though these dishes in Konkani cuisine may be spicy they are also quite nutritious.

Konkani cuisine is full of delight, and the snacks in this cuisine are ones you will want to try again and again. Certainly, it can also be asserted that Konkani cuisine would not be the same if its snacks were removed from it.

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