The Korean desserts seem to be very sweet and vary from cookies to rice cakes and ice-creams. A famous rice cake is the songpyeon, which is served on Chuseok (a festival during autumn), which is decorated with nuts and seeds. Ddok is the name for rice cakes and these are usually in various shapes and sizes and very soft and chewy. The rolls are also very common as desserts, such as the ho-ddok, with cinnamon inside and a melting honey filling. The ice-creams are best represented by the pot-bingsu, which is made with red beans, sugar sauce, fruits and crushed ice. Beans are also used for the boong-aw bbang (a dough containing sweet red beans). The sweet teas are great desserts, as they are mainly made of fruits and sweetened with honey: mae-shil cha with apricots, mo-gwa cha with quince and the honey teas ggool cha and ggool tae-chu cha.

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