The meat dishes include stews, grilled meats, cut into small pieces and wrapped with lettuce, bacons and ribs. Pork is used for the galbi (sliced pork ribs or sometimes chicken) or the samgyeopsal (belly of pork, cooked on a grill and served with onions and garlic). Pork is also included in the stews: the gamjatang (potatoes stew with pork spine) and the haejangguk (pork and cabbage with coagulated ox blood). Ox bones and meat are used for the seolleongtang, a white and milky meat soup. Beef is prepared as bul-gogi (beef strips marinated in salt), with soy sauce and sugar; this meal also has a pork version. Seafood is consumed mostly raw, like the hoe, which is dipped in the sauce called gochujang (with sesame and lettuce leaves) or raw fish, like the hoedeopbap (cubed fish with rice). Dog meat is also consumed in Korea, as boshintang (stew with spices and dog meat) or as dog soup.

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