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Korean appetizers contain rice, a lot of eggs, tofu, flour for the dough and various kinds of meat; beef and pork are the most common. The meat dishes include stews, grilled meat cut into small pieces and wrapped in lettuce, bacon and ribs. Pork is used for the "galbi" (sliced pork ribs or sometimes chicken) or the "samgyeopsal" (grilled pork belly served with onions and garlic). Korean salads include mainly cabbage or lettuce, cucumber, rice and various kinds of meat, even fatty ones such pork or beef, but also fish and seafood, which are most of the times, raw. Ddok is the name for soft, chewy rice cakes formed in various shapes and sizes. The rolls are also very common as desserts, such as the ho-ddok, with cinnamon and a melted honey filling inside. The most popular soups are the doenjang, the kimchi jjigae, the "mae-un tang" and the "samgyetang". Doenjang is made of soybean paste and it is served as the main course beside the meat dish.

Here are some classic Korean recipes to start your journey into the world of Korean cuisine:

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