Korean salads mainly include cabbage or lettuce, cucumber, rice and various kinds of meat, even fat ones like pork or beef, but also fish and seafood, which are most of the times, raw. The hoedeopbap is a meal including rice, mixed with fresh vegetables and raw fish. The bibimbap is made again with rice and with vegetables as a topping, beef and egg, with a paste of chili pepper. There is another variant of this dish: the dolsot bibimbap, which includes raw eggs and it, is served in a hot stone bowl. Yukhoe is also very famous and it is prepared with beef stripes, raw eggs and a special soy sauce, mixed with Asian pear and gochujang. The vegetables, which depend very much on the season, are served near this salad and they are eaten with the spoon. The seafood witch is included in the salad is mainly restricted to clams and sardines.

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