Snacks are similar to starters in the Korean cuisine. Snacks include a lot of eggs, tofu, flour for the dough and various kinds of meat: beef and pork are the most common. The juns and the pajuns are made with eggs and pork or beef. The juns` ingredients are: tofu, beef or pork meat, eggs, chopped green onions, crushed garlic and sesame, besides the frying vegetable oil, head kimchi, leeks, eggs and flour. The most popular snack is the kimbap or gimbap. This is the Korean name for sushi, which means sweet rice. The seaweed paper is used to wrap the rice. The filling is called gim in Korean and the name of sushi is coming from vinegar rice, which is used in the making. Another useful thing when making the Korean sushi is the bamboo mat on a cutting board. On the seaweed sheet, piles of rice are placed and then wrapped.

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