The kimchi is the most popular vegetarian Korean meal, as it can be done in so many ways. The kimchi basically means including cabbage with different spices in the recipe. The kimchi depends on the season: there is summer or winter kimchi, but all are eaten almost every day by the Koreans. The Korean kimchi differs from the other Asian countries` kimchi, as this one seems to be sticky and stay together, without falling apart. The simplest recipe of kimchi includes cabbage and head kimchi (t'ong-baech'u kimchi). The o-e sobaegi kimchi is made with cucumbers and a mixture of fermented summer veggies. Other recipes for this meal are done with radish (yeolmu mul kimchi), the tong-chi-mi with marinated radishes and served with ginger or the kkaktugi, which is made with big white radishes. Besides this traditional meal, the rice mixes with vegetables and the free egg and free milk noodles are the vegetarians` favorites.

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