The cuisine of Kuwait is full of some of the most amazing appetizers that are served before the main course meal. They are extremely delectable and fun to prepare. Some of the most popular and common appetizers that are found in the cuisine of Kuwait are: Arabian Cauliflowers with Tahini Aubergine Dolmas, Avocado Appetizers Baba Ghanouj, Berber Bean Puree, Black Olives with Harissa Bourek, Cheese and Walnut Spread, Chick Pea and Walnut Appetizer, Cooked Olive Salad, Cracked Green Olives with Herbs and preserved Lemons, Creamy Yogurt, Eggplant Meatballs, Fatayir Bi Sabanikh (Spinach Pizza) ,Feta Cheese Dip ,Fried Dried Fava Beans, Fried Eggplant Fried Tomatoes with Garlic, Hudhud Ghanouj, Hummus bi Tahini (Garbanzo Beans with Tahini), Hummus Pitas with Feta, Korrat, Laban Cheese Balls, Lahmi Bi Ajine (Meat pizza), Middle East Lamb Stuffed Zucchini, Mint and Yogurt Dip, Moroccan Anise Bread, Moroccan Herbed Olives, Mahammara Persian Shami, Red Pepper Hummus, Sabanikh variety Salatat Batanjan (Eggplant Salad), Saudi Samboosak, Sesame Sauce, Shakshouka, Shredded Beats with Thick Yogurt, Shredded Cabbage and Tahini Dip Smoked Caviar and Hummus on Pita Toast Stuffed Pastry Squares, Tahinat al_Beidali, Tahini and Date Syrup Dip Tunisian Potatoes Turkish Hummus Yogurt and Basil Appertizer and the very infamous Zeitoun Msabbah.

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