It is a known fact globally among chefs that Kuwait is a food lovers’ heaven. The native Kuwaiti cuisine reflects the regions history. The tribes, the immigrants and Kuwait’s international trading traditions all show just how the cuisine of Kuwait is influenced. A proper and ceremonial meal of Kuwait is designed and prepared to impress the oft stated which include dishes like Mezza which consists of Hommos (chickpea), m`tabbal (aubergine), ful (beans), tabooleh (salad), khubus (unleavened bread), along with stuffed pastries. The Shaurba soups, Mahashee which is stuffed vegetables, Aish (rice) which is garnished with almonds, raisins and saffron, Kharoof (grilled lamb) or Samak (grilled or stewed fish) is also a part of the Kuwaiti meal. The cuisines that you will find in the cuisine of Kuwait are truly traditionally prepared and most of them are not difficult to cook either. They will not take up a lot of your time and are fun to make, serve and eat. The cuisines of Kuwait are extremely delicious and mouth watering.

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