In the cuisine of Kuwait there are tremendous recipes that you will find on desserts. Some of most renowned dessert dishes in the cuisine of Kuwait are: Almond Cookies (Ghreibi),Asabia el-Arooz ,Borma, Coconut Dates, Date and Nuts Sweets, Date Rolls, Dates with Sesame Seeds, Deluxe Baklawa, Dessert Couscous w/ Orange and Dates, Egyptian Chocolate Cakes, Egyptian Sweet Couscous Dessert, Figs in Syrup, Fresh Fruit with Rose Water Syrup, Halawa Mishmish, Halawa Tamr, Halva, Halva Almond Dessert, Halwa Shebakia, Kuwaiti Sponge Cake with Pomegranate, Mamool Cookies, Meghli, Mihallabiyah bil Manga, Nammurah, Orange Slices in Orange Syrup, Quince Dessert, Semolina Cake (Basbousa), Sheer Berenge (Rice Pudding),Stuffed Qatayif, Sugar Syrup, Sweet Syrup for Middle East Pastries, Turkish Delight and Um Ali. All these desserts are exceptionally mouth watering and extremely lip-licking. They are easy to make and a delight to serve and eat.

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