There are many meat dishes that can be found in the cuisine of Kuwait. Most of them are extremely scrumptious and truly a delight to have. Some of the most popular Kuwaiti meat which consists of chicken as well as lamb meat dishes are: Beef Shawerma , Dawood basha, Egyptian Meat Pie, Egyptian Stew, Ground Meat kabab, Kabab with Yogurt, Kafta with Eggs, Kibby, Kafta with Parsle, Mihshi Malrut, Moroccan brisket with Olives, Moroccan Meat, Potato Kibby, raw Kibby, Tajine of Meatballs and Peas, A Circassian Chicken, Bukhari Chicken, Chicken and Rice Kabsa, Chicken Breast, Chicken Kabab, Chicken Muhallabiyyah, Chicken with Lemon, Chicken with Olives, Chicken with Walnuts, Chicken with Yogurt, Dajaj Bil Fitr (Chicken and Mushrooms), Farareej Mishwi (BBQ Chicken), Firakh Bil Hummus (Chicken with garbanzo), Fesenjan, Kibby with Spiced Pumpkin, Lamb Chops Marinated in cardamom and Yogurt, Lebanese Chicken, Moroccan Chicken with Preserved lemons and Green Olives, Moroccan Spiced Chicken, Musakaa, Persian chicken Salad, Spicy Chicken Breasts with Tahini, Spicy Olive Oil, Tahini-Yogurt Sauce, and many more. It is not surprising to find abundant meat dishes in the Kuwaiti cuisine. The meat dishes in the Kuwaiti cuisine are extremely easy to make and delicious to eat as well as serve. Most of the meat dishes do not even take up a lot of time to prepare. They are truly unique and if you are a lover of great meat dishes then, Kuwaiti meat dishes are the best ones to prepare. The malfouf mahshi and fatteh are not traditionally Kuwaiti, but are commonly made in kuwait. almost all of the dishes above are not of kuwaiti origin!

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