Some of the most scrumptious salads are present in the cuisine of Kuwait. The salads in the cuisine of Kuwait are commonly made with romaine lettuce, a lot of cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and red onions which are commonly dressed with lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Many salads have turnips that are pickled served with tomatoes. There is a huge variety of salads in the cuisine of Kuwait and the best part of these salads are that the ingredients that are used in them are commonly found in a lot of food departmental stores, you do not need any special utensils to prepare them and they are very easy and quick to prepare. The Kuwaiti salads are great to serve alongside the main course meal. You will notice that most of the salads are made from fresh vegetables and fruits and commonly have lemon juice or vinegar sprinkled over them with salt and pepper on the side. Undoubtedly the Kuwaiti salads are traditionally known for their nutritious value.

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