There are over a dozen soup recipes in the cuisine of Kuwait. Each soup recipe that you will come across will be different and quite unique from many other soups that are found in other cuisine world over. Kuwaitis love meat and vegetables. For this reason you will find some of the most delectable and enjoyable soups in the Kuwaiti cuisine. Most commonly the main ingredient of the Kuwaiti soup is tomatoes. The soups are prepared in a huge pot and if meat is the main ingredient in the soup recipe then the soup is left to simmer for quite some time until the meat is tender. Many of the soups in the cuisine of Kuwait also involve the process of simply boiled vegetables used to make a broth or a stew. Many times over, egg whites are also used in the Kuwaiti soups. The Kuwaiti soups are easy and especially quick to make and have a distinct delicacy to them. If you are a lover of food, then you are apt to differentiate between a Kuwaiti soup and a soup from any other cuisine in the world.

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