Meat is the most common ingredient found in the Kyrgyzstan cuisine. Meat dishes are usually prepared with delicious seasonings and vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber. Other important components of Kyrgyzstan cuisine are the bread, the soups and the stews. Meat is usually served smoked or grilled. Yoghurts and milk products are also an important part of Kyrgyzstan cuisine. The Turkish elements brought in Kyrgyzstan’s cuisine are pilafs, kebabs and stews; while the southern influences are reflected through the seasonings and the herbs that are included in the meals. In the Kyrgyz cuisine you will rarely find sauces or much spiced dishes, neither dishes which require chopped or minced meat because the people from Kyrgyzstan like to preserve the dishes taste and appearance. Other dishes which have foreign influences are the plov ( an Uzbek dish), langman (another Uzbek dich), bliny( a Russian dish) shashlyk made after a Turkish recipe known as kebab.

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