Liberian people are not too found of alcohol (especially because of religious principals), although they have a traditional drink which is called beer - the most enjoyed beverage in Liberia is the ginger beer. This drink is diluted in water and sugar, but the Liberians prefer to make the ginger beer with peelings of pineapple, yeast and molasses and it takes quite a long effort to prepare it (the yeast is dissolved in lukewarm water and let overnight covered). After preparing it, the beer is bottled in special bottles and then refrigerated, as it is always served cold. Coffee is not a regular drink – only seldom, this is served with the main meal. There are also many local fruit juices and softies, as many fruits grow in the country and are highly used in all recipes. Mango, pineapple, citrus fruits and apricot are bases for some of the most familiar drinks.

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